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Why is FSSAI registration necessary if you own a food business

Why is FSSAI necessary for a food business?

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India can be abbreviated as FSSAI. It is the Food Regulation Authority of India. The Food Authority oversees and monitors Food Business Operators' (FBOs) healthy food processing, transportation, and handling activities.

Compliance inspections are conducted through FSSAI and by FBOs, as stated in the Food Health and Standards Act, 2006, to meet the regulations and standards. This Department aims to ensure that food items are healthy to eat. Goods and ingredients are closely tested by the Department undertaking inspections to avoid adulteration and the selling of any suspicious items.

What is FSSAI registration?

FSSAI Registration is a mandatory certification for the health of food goods supplied or processed in India by different facilities. In simple terms, it is the food safety certification that is to be issued by the food authority of India. If you want to start your food business operations in an Indian province, you must obtain an FSSAI certification or license. A 14-digit license number is issued to the food businesses, traders, manufacturers, or restaurants, that are in the climb with the FSSAI act rules and regulations.

In any food business, the product contains an FSSAI number which is imprinted on the product's body along with the logo of FSSAI. You can get an FSSAI license by developing the FSSAI Username ID and passwords on the Food Licensing website.

The roles of FSSAI are mentioned below:

  1. It certifies legally the processing and the production of your food business.
  2. The Food Standard and Safety Authority of India is responsible for creating awareness related to food safety and other issues regarding it.
  3. A science-based standard is set. The FSSAI lays down these standards
  4. To keep up the safety stakes for the citizens, it regulates the manufacturing, storage, and distribution along with sales, import, and export.

How many types of food licenses are there?

There are three types of food licenses:

  1. Central license
  2. State license
  3. Basic registration

Though these are food licenses, these differ based on operations.

Why is a food license necessary?

Requirements for online food licenses or FSSAI Registration are required for any food business operator participating in the production, refining, storage, or delivery phase, and the shipment and selling of products are mandatory. There is a difference between online FSSAI Registration India and FSSAI license. The basic difference depends on the nature and size of the food regarding the business it is aiming for.
There are a lot of benefits to having an FSSAI license:

  1. It grants you a legal advantage. If you don't have a license, you may end up paying penalties that can cost you more than what you would have paid in getting a license. In any circumstances, if you get caught, it can cost you your business. That is why it is always advisable to get an FSSAI license before you move forward with your business.
  2. This license can help you expand your business like no other. If you apply for a loan or any fund, you need to have a license to prove your legality.
  3. Having a license makes the loan process as smooth as a cakewalk and helps you expand your business to the horizon.
  4. Having a license makes it too appealing to the customer base. Having a license you maintain your hygiene makes you a go-to spot for people looking forward to eating well.
  5. You can use your FSSAI logo in your business to promote yourself. You can use it in your menu card or product or any production. It not only gives you an edge over other FBO products but also enhances your brand image.

What are the regulations for FSSAI registration for basic food licenses?

  1. Dairy collection and handling must be up to 500 liters per day.
  2. The capacity of food production should be up to 100kg or liter per day. This should not include meat in all other dairy products.

Having an FSSAI license will always do good, but no harm. There are many companies that do not possess food licenses. There is an exclusive portal that the FSSAI food safety e-department has put up for the license and registration in Delhi. In any scenario, if your company gets caught up without any license, it can automatically cost you a huge penalty or your business can be shut down by the government.

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