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FSSAI license Renewal in India

All Food Business organizations must meet all the standards of the FSSAI Registration and must obtain the FSSAI license certificate. In 2006, the Indian Government launched the FSSAI standard to promote and protect the health of the public. 

In starting fssai is known as the FOOD LICENSE AND REGISTRATION SYSTEM (FLRS) which is currently named as the Food Safety and Compliance System (FoSCoS). 

If your Food Business is already registered under the fssai registration and the validity of the license is near to the expiry date then you must have to apply for the fssai license renewal. As we know, this license acts as a certificate or legal proof for any business (startup or sole proprietor) and deals related to the food manufacture, processing, and distribution commercially.

FSSAI license renewal in India:   

The extension validity period of the FSSAI license in India is for 1-5 years, after that renewal of a license is required to continue with its benefit and brand mark. If your FSSAI license is about to expire, you must apply for renewal.

You must renew your license before its expiration. It is mandatory to renew your FSSAI license before its expiration. The license must be renewed 30 days before its expiry to avoid any inconvenience in the business.

Steps to fill the FSSAI license renewal application form:

  1. To renew the FSSAI license -click here.
  2. Enter your existing FSSAI license registration number to renew it.
  3. Enter all the details of the applicant mentioned in the license renewal form.
  4. Tick on the box to agree with the term and conditions.
  5. Click on the License Renew button to process the application form.
  6. Complete the payment to get the license number.
  7. After successful payment, the department will process the verification process.
  8. After verification, the FSSAI license registration number will be sent to your email ID.

The core of fssai license renewal :

If you want to renew your FSSAI license number then there are some points that you have to know about It:

  1. The FSSAI license is valid for up to 1-5 years. So we can say that the maximum renewable period for an FSSAI license is 5 years, which costs more than Rs. 5000.
  2. The renewal of the FSSAI license cost depends on the number of years applied for. [time period of the validity of the license]
  3. The FSSAI license renewal application form needs a self-declaration form along with the payment fee required for the renewal process per year.
  4. Aadhar Card, Voter’s card, or passport is required as photo identity proof to renew the FSSAI license registration number.
  5. If the applicant has not received their FSSAI license number after completing all application processes of renewal.
  6. In FSSAI registration, you can also track your application status and progress with the help of a referral code which is provided after the registration process.

Benefits of FSSAI license

There are numerous benefits of having an FSSAI license which will provide you better recognition as a manufacturer/ distributor of food items.

Legal benefits: 

If you want to open a food business then it is better to have an FSSAI license first because it will help you to get various advantages. It is a great certification for businesses to get eligible to take part in the industry. We have to follow all the rules and regulations to run our own food business because these rules and regulations will help you to make your business strong.

Quality Assurance: 

It will help you to build the trust of your brand and to ensure the quality among your customers which in return improves the brand loyalty for your business.

The FSSAI license ensures the customer trust to increase your customer value for the further growth of your business.

Business expansion: 

FSSAI license will help you get more benefits as well as a better partnership company. If any FBO wants to apply for food delivery apps then the restaurant must possess an FSSAI license. A food license will also help you to promote the company and brand name, which will bring more opportunities to your business and increase turnover profit.

Spreading awareness: 

FSSAI license will help you spread awareness about kitchen safety and hygiene to the customers. Thus having an FSSAI license can help FBOs to bring better and proactive customers and consumers.


It is the complete article about the FSSAI license renewal in India. If you are looking for the renewal process of FSSAI Registration then you can follow the steps which are mentioned in the article. There are some points that are also given for your better convenience to know more about the FSSAI.

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