Basic registration procedure:

  • Anyone interested in starting a food business must apply for FSSAI registration online and submit the necessary documents.

  • He must have an active phone number and an email address to submit Form A for licencing.

  • Operators of food establishments must complete the application with correct information about their respective names, as they will appear on the licence.

  • Following the submission of your application, the system will assign you a special reference id that must be used in all subsequent applications.

  • The next move is to pay a bill. It can be charged by printing out the acknowledgement and online application form and writing a demand draught from the stated bank.

Central License Application Procedure:

  • Any food business owner who wants to do business in more than one state must fill out Form B with accurate information.

  • Supported documents must be attached to the same as board resolution, owner self-declaration.

  • Ascertain that food production is controlled by the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 (FSS Act).

  • Make a list of common names rather than brand names, such as soybean oil or flavoured milk.

  • On the FSSAI registration portal, click on the selected food category to add a new product.

  • You may either use an electronic signature to submit the form or you can download it and submit it offline.

  • Choose a sufficient number of years for which you need an FSSAI licence based on your needs.

Procedure for Obtaining a State License:

Anyone who wants to start a food business in a specific state and meets the requirements will fill out Form B.

As previously mentioned, the protocol for state licencing is identical to that for central licencing.

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