While the process of getting the licence is underway in the food licencing department, all License Holders declare various information such as the entity's per day production capacity, SKU data, and so on.

The Food Safety and Standard Authority of India requires Food Business Operators (FBO) to file an FSSAI Annual Return for the previous financial year in order to verify the facts reported by the FBO with the actual facts.

As a result, getting a Food License is not sufficient for a Food Business Operator (FBO). It's also critical to follow FSSAI license regulations and file the FSSAI Annual Return. The Annual Return must be filed within the deadline, or the Food Business Operator will incur penalties (FBO).

What are the most important things to remember while filing an FSSAI Annual Return?

When filing the FSSAI Annual Return, the Food Business Operator must supply the following information:

  • Food products that are imported, exported, manufactured, or handled are known as;

  • Size of can, bottle, or other package, such as (PP) or bulk package;

  • The selling price (SP) of a unit of packaging or a kilogramme of packaging;

  • The worth;

  • The amount of goods exported and imported in kg;

  • A comprehensive list of all the nations and ports from which the products were shipped;

  • The rate per kilogramme of packaging or per unit of packing. F.O.B or C.I.F.

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