The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an independent body that reports to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is in charge of protecting and promoting public health by regulating and supervising food safety. To obtain a food licence, business operators must complete the FSSAI registration or licence process.

FSSAI registration is a 14-digit registration number or a food licence number that must be printed on food packages or displayed in retail establishments. This 14-digit FSSAI licence number contains information on the producer's permit or enrollment details, as well as the assembly state.

Dairy systems, like milk chilling units, must register with the FSSAI registration.

  • Handling, sorting, manufacturing, packing, storage, distribution, and transportation of milk and milk products are all examples of dairy processing.

  • Without a licence, one cannot trade in Milk or Milk products under the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006 (FSSAI act).

  • As a result, any Food Business Operator dealing with Dairy Units, including Milk Chilling Units fitted to handle or process in India, must be licenced or registered with India's Food Safety and Standards Authority.

Criteria for obtaining a dairy unit's FSSAI licence:

  1. A licence is provided for all food businesses with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 12 lakhs.

  2. A state licence is required for medium-sized food businesses.

  3. A central licence is required for large food businesses.

  4. If your dairy unit processes 500 to 50,000 litres of milk a day or more than 2.5 MT to 2500 MT of Milk Solids a year, you'll need a state licence.

  5. If your dairy units, like milk chilling units, are capable of handling or processing more than 50,000 litres of liquid milk per day or 2500 MT of milk solid per year, you'll need a Central License.

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