Why Food License is Necessary

Why Food License is Necessary

FSSAI (Food Standards and Safety Authority of India) has responsibility for overseeing and controlling the country's food security. If you wish to start a business, you may need to get an FSSAI certificate. Food Standards and Safety Authority of India (FSSAI) is the body responsible for governing and enforcing food protection in India. Application for a food license form may also be filled out online on the FSSAI Government site. If you go to FSSAI's official website, you'll be asked to choose a few choices that deal entirely with your business. You'll need to log in after that to get your food license.

If you do not have your login credentials, then use a new one to register. You will even get your food authorization checked online. Track your license details online by visiting the Food Safety Connect website, where your food license number should be filled in. Track status immediately. The cost for acquiring the food license differs based on the number of prospects and the products introduced by the company.

One of the most critical things a Food Business Operator (FBO) should do to start a food business in India is to obtain an FSSAI food license.

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Following are the rules of FSSAI

The generation of today is very concerned about the food safety standards and food licensing. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a food license to ensure the quality of the food supplied. FBOs still have difficulty about which food license to obtain for their business.

Why Food License is necessary

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